My Speakers Rumble When I Turn Up The Gain On My Amp And When Both Rca’s Are Plugged In

I decided to switcharound my amp in another part of the car. when I was ready to connect noticed the fuse next to my battery blew up. i changed and turned the volume up and then my speakers started buzzing even when I came back. i had to turn the negative growth for two amplifiers me to stop the noise, but then the bass woofers were low. so i plug from one side of the RCA cable from the amps and got a little better answer. but after a few minutes the rumbling back. i changed only during a ground wire and that’s the only thing he really did. . i have 8 gauge wire running to a power threshold and the cap to block the distributor and then to the amplifiers. this arrangement worked for several months. what could be the problem?

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