My Speakers Rumble When I Turn Up The Gain On My Amp And When Both Rca’s Are Plugged In

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I decided to switcharound my amp in another part of the car. when I was ready to connect noticed the fuse next to my battery blew up. i changed and turned the volume up and then my speakers started buzzing even when I came back. i had to turn the negative growth for two amplifiers me to stop the noise, but then the bass woofers were low. so i plug from one side of the RCA cable from the amps and got a little better answer. but after a few minutes the rumbling back. i changed only during a ground wire and that’s the only thing he really did. . i have 8 gauge wire running to a power threshold and the cap to block the distributor and then to the amplifiers. this arrangement worked for several months. what could be the problem?

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    1. Javin M says:

      It sounds to me like you simply loosened up one of your grounds or speaker connections (like it crackles when it moves?). Actually this seems like the only reasonable answer. Also, ditch the cap. They’re only good for power fluctuations of -up to- .01 volt. Doesn’t do much of, well, anything but waste your money – and the readings usually are .5 to .9 more than what your charging system really is at- another way to scam you.
      Ditch the cap and do the Big3 upgrade (power wire from alt. to batt., ground wire from batt. to frame, then ground from frame to engine block) in 4g or bigger wire. This WILL give you more of an audible difference than adding any cap!
      Remember, your vehicles’ charging system is only as good as the alt. and the ability to utilize the power from the alt.

    2. mr.margarita says:

      Hmmmm??? Alot people complain of the noise you have. The number one reason for this type of noise that I have delt with is your rca cables are too close to your power cable. You can pick up noise this way.