My Ford F350 Diesel Wont Start When Its Cold Out Is It True That Ican Plug Tha Glow Plugs In So It Will Start

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If so where is the plug thing

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    1. Zach B says:

      Yes, that’s a common problem with diesels, the plug’s i’ve seen are a normal outlet plug that comes out of the grill, If it was coiled up in there you would probably already know about it. There may be another plug in that area for that type of plug to plug into.

      Wow, I said plug alot.

      Any way, a dealer ship would probably be able to explain this better and install one for you if you don’t already have it.

      I don’t know if you bought the truck new but if it already has it it would say something like “cold weather package” on the invoice.

    2. Jordan L says:

      Yes, diesels are known for having that problem, my uncle had the same problem. Go to a mechanics shop and they will help ya out.

    3. srpsa says:

      No, you can’t plug them in but, if equipped, you should have a block heater that can be plugged in. This keeps the engine warm to aid in starting. Consult your owners manual. As far as the glowplugs, they are energized when you turn the key to the “run” position. If they are faulty you will have fits trying to start it cold. Remove them and inspect. Any signs of burning at the tips or a ohm reading over 2ohms indicates a faulty plug. Check that you have power to the plugs w/ a test light during the energize cycle. You can also check them by disconecting them, attaching the testlight clip to the positive battery connector then the probe end to the terminal of each plug. The lamp should illuminate briefly then go out. Hope I’ve been of some help.

    4. samhaingrim87 says:

      its still a little early for diesels to have this problem, usually it must be below freezing for this to occur. I belive your truck isnt getting good fuel to start. It is very important to regularly change the fuel filters on diesels, these separate water and condensation from the fuel. When they are clogged, it results in hard starts. I suspect this is your problem. You can also plug in your truck, and the plug usually stick out of the lower gril, under the front bumper, or if you dont see it, open the hood and see if is pushed back behind the grill. good luck.