My Car Will Start And It Will Run For About 20 Minutes. Then It Just Shuts Off.

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It s a 91 Isuzu rodeo 2 wheel drive, V6
i have a brand new fuel pump and a year old filter i took the filter off and blew in it and its clear. it runs great for 20 minutes. i got brand new fuses and relays. it was fine all winter and now its summer. i live in Ohio. so it might be a cold hot and over heating. but it has a brand new temperature gauge

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    1. sundays21 says:

      time for a new car

    2. mrpoet03 says:

      fuel filter or fuel pump I don’t know :-(

    3. jim1 says:

      the possibilities are too numerous to list i would suggest that you bring it to your nearest dealer and have it connected to a system analyzer
      good luck

    4. tygerjily27 says:

      look at the starter belt. i had a car that keep snapping them off and the car would start but then end up dieing out after a lil while

    5. "Not today, Zurg!" says:

      Humm….definutly sounds like an ignition problem.

      (Your engine is shutting down because of no spark or low spark)

      Ignition moduals are very picky devices…….they will test good when cold but show bad when heated often………Signs of a bad ground either at the mounting or the harness.

      a weak ground is bad……it takes more of a positive power draw……through the device…… make up for the weak spot in the ground on the opposite side of the device.

      This higher positive draw just cooks the devices eventually.

      Your spark plug coil packs usually get signal from the ignition modual.
      Ignition moduals get signal from the piston crank shaft angle sensor.

      Injectors usually get signals from the cam shaft position sensors

      Allthough …… do need to make sure your not having an overheating problem when it shuts down… the gauge when it happens.(if so go after the thermostat or water pump not circulating)

      I would go after an Ignition modual on a lucky bet as to be the problem.

      My 2nd and 3rd choices would be an Air Induction Valve or a Throttle Position Indicator

      Get a book……It’s the best investment you can buy for your car.

      It will show you how to test the different components and where the ground connections are

    6. Umm says:

      u could try changing ur spark plugs and it could also b that its over heating.. is it water cooled? or fan cooled? either one u should check how it cools it self and see if thats it

    7. Bri says:

      is there an auto store by you? if there is then you can probably make it there and they’ll fix it. do you still have the manuel for your car? if you do then you probably can fix it right there and then, instead of waiting a week.