My Car Idle Is Jumping Up And Down When Im At A Stop

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When im at a stop it idles up and down fast, about every 1/2 of a second for a while, and sometimes it would steady it self out, and sometimes not. AND SOMETIMES IT JUST CUTS OFF AT A STOP. I had this problem for a while and then i went away after i changed my distributor, wires, & plugs about a year ago. I just changed my timing belt, water pump, ac compressor, & belts… and its back! I’m out of ideas, I dont know if compression has to do with it but my compression is (from 1 to 4) 135,190,200,200. Only one bad cylinder, o yea and its a 00 civic dx.

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    1. KB says:

      clean the IAC valve

    2. Robert M says:

      Buy a can of Gum-out, and clean the IAC valve, the throttle plate, and throttle body SHOWROOM clean. Check your PCV hose and valve for signs of leakage or weakness in the valve. Run Gum-out spray through intake manifold with engine running and hot to reach the O2 sensor. The Gum-out should remove the carbon on the O2 sensor and restore it to like new condition. You may be able to restore compression on the # 1 cylinder by re-torquing the head bolts with engine HOT. Of course, the valve cover will have to be removed to do so. Before you attempt this, though, make SURE that your valve adjustment is correct. Have a pro do this for you if you cannot do it yourself. A valve that is not adjusted may CAUSE low compression.