My 99 Honda Accord Has Been Shutting Off Lately, While I Am Driving Or Slowing Down To A Stop. Details 2 Come.

My 99 Honda Accord LX has been shutting off lately, while I am driving at high speeds or slowing down to a stop. I have taken it for a tune up, battery replacement, the works, no one can tell me exactly what the problem is. The engine light came on last week & took it for a diagnostic and I was told my oxygen sensor needs to be replaced and my distributor. He told me the oxygen sensor had nothing to do with the car shutting off, so I changed the distributor and it still shut off and my engine light came back on, then went out. Is it really the oxygen sensor that causing the shut off? I plan on changing the timing belt soon, would that have something to do with it also? When the car shuts off it usually starts back up with in a few minutes, but it is becoming more frequent and getting extremely frustrating. Can you help?
Thanks everyone for your response, I noticed a couple answers that mention the oxygen sensor, I was told there are two one in the front & back, which one should be replaced? and which can effect the fuel problem? Should I replace both?

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