My 99 Honda Accord Has Been Shutting Off Lately, While I Am Driving Or Slowing Down To A Stop. Details 2 Come.

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My 99 Honda Accord LX has been shutting off lately, while I am driving at high speeds or slowing down to a stop. I have taken it for a tune up, battery replacement, the works, no one can tell me exactly what the problem is. The engine light came on last week & took it for a diagnostic and I was told my oxygen sensor needs to be replaced and my distributor. He told me the oxygen sensor had nothing to do with the car shutting off, so I changed the distributor and it still shut off and my engine light came back on, then went out. Is it really the oxygen sensor that causing the shut off? I plan on changing the timing belt soon, would that have something to do with it also? When the car shuts off it usually starts back up with in a few minutes, but it is becoming more frequent and getting extremely frustrating. Can you help?
Thanks everyone for your response, I noticed a couple answers that mention the oxygen sensor, I was told there are two one in the front & back, which one should be replaced? and which can effect the fuel problem? Should I replace both?

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    1. Trinity_ix says:

      Could be a few things :

      Battery may be dead or need water – YES water! :)
      Alternator is shot
      Wires to battery are loose and falling away from the battery. OR the wires have rust or other crap on them.

      All are rather cheap problems to fix.

    2. Jus' "breeding Around says:

      Have the fuel pump checked for output when it is hot. Could be it is not supplying any fuel.

    3. Mybuttstinks2008 says:

      Sounds like it could be a vapor lock. Check and see if the fuel line was moved somewhere close to a heat source. Change the fuel filter and have the fuel pump pressure checked. If the fuel pumps pressure is low, it may not be able to keep up with the fuel demand.

    4. Locksafewiz says:

      AHA! Next time you get gas look and see if the sticker is on the gas pump telling you about the ethynol in the gas. Hondas dont do well with this, its a fact. research it. build up in the fuel lines as a result of it. also an oxygen sensor can and will make a car shut off and operate as you have described.
      Also have your timing belt changed while you can because if the belt breaks while driving it can cause internal damage being its an interference motor. Non-interference motors are not damaged when belt breaks.