My 90 Ford 7.3 Diesel Starts, Runs Two To Three Seconds And Dies. Restarts After 90 Seconds Of Cranking.

This problem only occurs on about one out of six cold starts. Because it dies totally and so quickly ( 3-seconds max), when it happens, I thinks the problem is at the injector pump rather than at the fuel pump. Also, disconnecting the supply line that feeds the injector pump shows the line to be full. Can tiny fuel leaks between the injector pump and the injectors cause the injection pump to lose its prime overnite? Mileage is 190k. Engine runs very well once started. Glow plugs and timer are new and function properly. Injectors and injector pump are original with minor leakage at the injector(s). Shraeder valve at the water filter location holds pressure when the engine is running but when the engine is off the pressure disappears somewhere. HELP!

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