My 1993 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3 Died While Driving Down A Road And Now It Won’t Start, Whatis Wrong

I was driving about 25mph down a road, next thing i know the engine is shut off. power breaks shut off as did the power steering. at first i thought maybe the battery died. so i replaced it, still nothing. then i thought maybe it could be the alternator, so i ordered a new exterior fan alternator. i then got to thinking that maybe the distributor cap might be all junked up with corrosion, i checked and sure enough there was a bit of corrosion, unfortunately that was not the problem. i have already determined that it is not the timing chain/belt (thank god) i am getting gas so i know0w it is not the gas pump. i am having the alternator tested tomorrow (8/11/10) so my real question is if the alternator isn’t the problem, what is?!

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