My 1993 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3 Died While Driving Down A Road And Now It Won’t Start, Whatis Wrong

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I was driving about 25mph down a road, next thing i know the engine is shut off. power breaks shut off as did the power steering. at first i thought maybe the battery died. so i replaced it, still nothing. then i thought maybe it could be the alternator, so i ordered a new exterior fan alternator. i then got to thinking that maybe the distributor cap might be all junked up with corrosion, i checked and sure enough there was a bit of corrosion, unfortunately that was not the problem. i have already determined that it is not the timing chain/belt (thank god) i am getting gas so i know0w it is not the gas pump. i am having the alternator tested tomorrow (8/11/10) so my real question is if the alternator isn’t the problem, what is?!

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    1. Contract says:

      There is a possiblity is coould be your carburator normally what happens is on changing gears the rev drops as the air flow pipe does not open wideley so what you can do is try to use a carb cleaner and hopefully it shall get you started??

      All the best

    2. Bandit-05 says:

      Stop throwing parts at the car, hoping that will fix the problem! That is a very expensive and time consuming way to fix a car.

      Diagnose what is wrong first and start with the basics. A gasoline internal combustion engine needs 3 things to run: air, fuel, and spark.

      Air: if you are breathing, there is air. Just check that the air filter is clean and nothing is blocking the air intake and filter housing. But, as you were driving when this happened, it’s a safe assumption everything is fine there.

      Fuel: is there sufficient pressure at the fuel injectors? The fuel pump relay can be an issue on the 190E’s and it would cause a sudden stall if it were to go while driving.

      Spark: do the spark plugs fire while the engine is turning over? You said you checked the cap, did you check you actually had spark?

      BTW, ignore the previous answer. Assuming you are in the US, as it states below your question, all 190E’s in North America , regardless of which engine it had, had a Bosch KE fuel injection system. They are not carbureted.