My 1992 Cadillac Seville Won’t Get Any Fire… None …What’s Wrong

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Replaced intake manifold gaskets,theirs pins on both sides to keep the intake in place so I lifted the distributor and also took out the inside parts which cracked into pieces now i’m not getting any fire at all,I pulled the number one spark plug,brought it to the top, replaced the distributor still no fire is it over for me and this car it’s a 4.9 sts with the one on the key if this helps please someone save me,this car is all I have.
still no fire
i didn’t mark the disributor ,i just took it out but i did check it with a wire and the car did show the power was going to the distributor…still no fire
i did keep turning the distributo like screwing it out after i removved the wires is this how i could of knocked it 189 degrees off, please explain compression and exzost stroke for me maybe i can understand better.

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    1. Allan S says:

      Check the coil.

    2. HotRod says:

      Not a lot of info to go on here.
      with the key “on” is there power to the distributor wire?
      My first guess is that since you took the distributor out, either it’s way off time, or something isn’t plugged in.
      Did you put a mark on the intake manifold and the dist. base ( I use a screwdriver to put a scratch in the metal ) BEFORE you took it out??
      Also you need to mark the position of the rotor ( I use a sharpie ) so when it all slides back in the hole, the dist. shaft AND the rotor go back exactly where they were before…assuming you didn’t turn the engine….

    3. scrubbag says:

      I suppose you could be 180 degrees out of time, with the number one coming up. It will come up on compression and exhuast. So it could be firing on exhuast, and not compression.

    4. Country Boy says:

      Between the ignition coil and the distributor cap there are two parts that might not be installed correctly. There is a graphite post that drops down through the cap first with a 25 cent piece of orange / red silicone rubber which separates the ignition coil and the cap. Replace the rotor. Check the inside of the distributor cap for cracks. If none of these are at fault and you still don’t get a spark with any new plug inside one of the spark plug boots grounded at the threads go to the next step. Replace the electronic ignition module under the rotor and fly-weights.