Motor Oil All Over My Spark Plugs Is This Normal Or A Bad Thing

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I got my oil changed a few weeks ago on my ’96 Honda Accord and last night my oil light came on (which I thought was strange) So, my boyfriend was looking around under the hood and on the ground to see if I had any leaks, and I didn’t. He decided to take a look at the spark plugs and he pulled one out and notice that there was motor oil all over it. Is it normal to have motor oil on the spark plugs? Or is this a problem?

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    1. Wingshooter08 says:

      Carbon yes, motor oil No! Have it checked out!

    2. Frenzee2000 says:

      This is a very not good thing. The only thing that is supposed to be in the engine is gas and air. The oilpan sits below the pistons to oil them up. It’s possible that someone way overfilled the engine with oil, but I would still take it to a mechanic just to check.

    3. Lookin4answers says:

      This is a problem! Your head gasket cover is damaged, replace it immediatly!

    4. Tb28 says:

      Not normal, but not necessarily a big deal. It could be a bad valve cover gasket, which is about a $15 part and not very hard to change out.

    5. Mr Bellows says:

      No that is NOT normal and not to bum you out but that is not good.

    6. Ma D says:

      Its a bad thing, that means that you have an oil leak somewhere on the engine block, However I have a car with over 200,000 miles that has been that way for about 100,000 miles. You can simply continue to check the oil and add as needed but just note that your problem might be worse than mine and should be checked out. Good Luck

    7. Bobweb says:

      One possibility is that the technician spilled motor oil on the top of your valve cover when he was refilling the oil. It’s possible that some might have gotten down into the spark plug holes where your bf found the oil on the plugs. Clean all the oil out and if it comes back, suspect leaking valve cover seals.

    8. Rudedude says:

      I take it you have the hemi head style engine .( plugs go through the valve cover) No this is not normal ! Your valve cover gasket more to the point plug hole seals are leaking.Oil will pass through the seals and pool in the plug holes. If you do not fix it the plug wires will rot in the oil ruining them and causing miss fires in the engine.Get it fixed soon.Also check your oil level and top it up.One last th ing did the oil change place put the filler cap back on?

    9. Woody says:

      Its not sounds like piston rings & thats fairly major.

    10. Arniemail says:

      This happened to one of my cars a long time ago and it wound up ruining the engine permanently. Have it fixed ASAP. Dont keep driving it this way…you’ll kill the car. Good luck.

    11. Fearjar says:

      Could be nothing, could be something. If it is just a bad gasket it is relatively minor (for now) But it could be a cracked piston ring allowing oil to blow by, and that IS a problem, you did say it was only one. If enough gets oil gets into that cylinder it can cause the engine to hydrolock and bust a piston rod or crack the engine block. Either way it needs immediate attention. HAVE IT TOWED TO A SHOP!!

    12. Davedebo198305 says:

      It your oil rings around the motor pistions so it’s let the oil come up when the pistion comes up to fire it’s not east to fix sorry

    13. Bill D says:

      I had a car that had this problem. I ignored it and a few months later, oil leaked into something and caused the timing belt to slip. It was an interference engine so now its waiting to go to the junkyard. Dont do what I did. Get it looked at. I think a 96 accord has a similar engine. Mine was a 95 Mazda Protege.

    14. Rolf W says:

      Is the oil on the tip of the plug? If so theres oil entering your comb. chamber (bad stem seals, valve guides, etc.) Or is it on the upper part? indicating a leaking cam cover.

    15. Maju_unite says:

      Oil light= low level of lub-oil

      oil on plugs= need overhauling

    16. Shawn L says:

      Its not normal, you have bad piston rings or bad valve seals, does it smoke when you start it and then quit? if so its the valve seals. does it smoke continually when you drive? then youve got bad rings, you can usually buy a thing that goes on the end of your spark plugs called an oil foul adapter that will help keep from fouling your plugs but its only a temporary fix

    17. Marccrotty says:

      Your question describes two separate issues: 1. Oil light illuminating and 2. Oil on spark plugs. Number 2 is easily answered for a 96 Accord. The valve cover has internal ‘O’ ring seals around each spark plug orifice that prevent engine oil from seeping into the spark plug wells. Oil on the plugs makes a conductive path from the spark to ground, and results in poor engine performance. FelPro sells a kit that includes these ‘O’ rings, valve cover gasket and the four rubber grommets (for valve cover hold down bolts) for about $25. Not too hard to install, but getting the torque correct is critical. If overtightened, the new gaskets will leak. Best to let a shop do this if you do not own an inch-pound torque wrench and have torque specification.

      The oil light coming on can be more involved. You did not mention checking the engine oil level. However, with a recent oil change it is probably not low. Could be: oil sending unit, oil pressure switch or an electrical problem. But very important to get this diagnosed. Oil problems can lead to a blown engine. Marc

    18. Nysnumba1man says:

      That is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD you have a cracked cylinder motor oil is not good at all you gonna use alota money to get it fixed take it to your nearest mechanic A.S.A.P