Mazda Truck Wont Start When Cold.

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I have a 1994 mazda truck with the 2.3l engine and a manual tranny, anyways when the truck is cold and I try to start it for the first time of the day it just cranks and cranks but never turns over almost like its out of gas, the fuel filter is new and so is the fuel pump relay switch the fuel pump is also new. the only way I can get it running is if a get someone the help me push start it, now heres the thing I cannot fugure out once the truck starts and it runs for a few minutes i can shut it off come back after a few hours and it starts right up, it only does it when the temperature is below 40 degrees.

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    1. Gustavo says:

      I would suggest to see a mechanic man. No one here can give you better info than a Mechanic

    2. gearbox1 says:

      I think I can help.. but then I’m a mechanic in real life…

      Check for fire and fuel on those cold mornings…. biggest thing would be to check fuel pressure as the pressure regulator on the fuel rail may allow fuel to drain back and cause your issue..

      a work around is to cycle the key on and off about 5 times then try and start.. if it starts on that cold morning easy.. that I’d look at as your issue.

      if not, I’d recommend a mechanic just to try and hook up all the test equipment to try to duplicate the concern……

      But my guess is when the vehicle is push started it runs like crud for about 15 seconds then runs fine (like it has to prime for fuel?)