List Parts Of Distributor On 1987 Dodge Dakota 3.9 L V6.

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I need a detailed list of the parts in an ignition distributor for a 1987 Dodge Dakota 3.9 Litre V-6. There’s a light tin or metal “vaned” part “under” the Hall Effect Pickup (often called ignition pickup).

I need to know the name of that part.

A friend, a Ford man called it a “Reluctor”

In checking a couple web based auto parts suppliers
They list no “reluctor” as part of the ignition or distributor.

Help please…my vehicle’s down and I’d like to finish the repair.


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    1. John M says:

      Under the distributor is a rotor. This creates the spark for the plugs. You have the distributor cap, and then the wires. You will also have a coil under the hood.
      Unless you have electronic ignition, you may have a spark arrestor instead of the distibutor. But it is highly doubtful of that.
      As far as it goes with speaking to a Ford man. They are always fixing their old bucket of bolts by the roadside.

    2. olin1963 says:

      It is called a reluctor but some manufacturers call it a signal rotor. Check the links below to see if this is what you are talking about.


    3. mike m says:

      cap / rotor/ pick up coil/module

    4. lugnutz59 says:

      It is a reluctor for the Hall-Effect switch in the distributor, as the vanes pass through the magnetic field of the Hall-Effect switch, it signals the computer of camshaft position. It is part of the distributor, you can not buy it separately. So, unfortunately, you’ll need to buy a re-man distributor. Note; If the metal vane is just loose on the plastic mount, I’ve had very good luck repairing them by taking a soldering gun and heating the plastic tabs that come through the metal vane to “lock” the two pieces together. However, if it’s been loose for a long time and actually “cut” into the vanes, you’re better off to replace the distributor.
      P.S. No disrespect olin1963, but that is the OLD style reluctor, not applipical for this vehicle.

    5. idaho98076 says:

      Lugnutz59 is right. A distributor remanufactured by A1 Cardone for the Dodge 3.9L costs about $96 and here is a photo of it: ^(

    6. me says:

      are u talking about the shaft or governor thats the only part that is listed in my computer under the pick up plate, to bad its only serviced in the distrubutor.. good luck