Is It Worth The Extra Money For The Platinum Spark Plugs

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Will platinum spark plugs really give you any extra power or mpg versus the plain old cheap spark plug?

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    1. subs r de best says:

      yes. not significantly but they will and they last longer. its worth the little bit more in cash as most times they double or triple the life span. they may also give your car extra torque.

      If you want the true power of this, then change your spark plugs, starter and all ignition parts to aftermarket.

    2. Boogieman says:

      platinum plugs are worth the money they last much longer, just so you know the number of prongs on the end doesnt matter unless ur running a highly modified engine with some jet fuel, 4 prongs doesn’t mean all four are going to ignite just the one with less resistance will so dat right there would be a waste of money,

    3. therick63 says:

      Well? It’s kinda like? Do you purchase a Digital TV, or do you use a
      converter box on your old Analog TV.? Too some people it’s worth it and too some
      people it’s not.
      I however have a really bad memory(which is why I don’t work on cars Professionally any more), So I like using “Extended Life” everything,
      Platinium plugs, Mobile1 EP, Dex-cool Coolant, Etc..(on my personal vehicles).
      And yes, these items do help performance, longer and better.
      You make the call

    4. sk.Pinokio says:

      No it will not give you extra power! It will last mach longer than the ordinary Spark plug! because it wont burn the electrodes and as a result wont change your ignition. (so your ignition remain ideal all the time!)
      Also depends what car you got? Do not fit them in clapped out old carburetor model cars! In a worn out engine is wasted because when carbon deposits on them you can not clean them and you need to replace them again! In modern clean running fuel injected electronic ignition engine, you should get 75 000 Km (don’t know how much mile is that?) out from them vs ordinary good quality plugs (Like Bosch or Nippon Denso) should last 20 / 25 000 Km. You do the maths!

    5. Theneelster says:

      I’ve used everything (copper resistor, platinum, iridium) and the best performance I get is from the standard copper resistor plugs. Granted…they are NGK plugs and I drive a supercharged vehicle but I put NGK R’s in my mother’s v-6 acura and they perform better than the autolite platinums I put in there before.

      I’d say that copper resistor plugs are setup you need…NGK or denso…nothing else (at least for me).

    6. Reaper says:

      All depends on the car, and how well its been maintained. Always make sure your plugs are gaped according to the engine bay sticker, and always make sure your plug wires have good connections (tight and the connectors aren’t corroded).

      The platinum/iridium plugs might yield an extra mpg or two, they also might not. Doing simple stuff like checking plug gaps and tire pressure are the free mods to keep expenditure down, because those plugs can get pricey over copper plugs that have been around forever and keep on selling.