If My Timing Belt Breaks Will My Accessory Belts Still Turn When Trying To Start The Engine

I think my timing belt has broken and I was wondering if a timing belt breaks will the accessory belts(they drive the AC water pump alt pw steering etc)still turn when you try to crank the engine.

When I try to start mine the accessory belts turn but the car doesn’t start.I’ve narrowed the no start down to the distributor and a broken timing belt.

Also how can I test for a spark at home?
I want to add that if the belt did break I was going about 25MPH at around 1.5-2k RPM, I heard something like a loud screech but I’ve always heard that head damage sounds like a loud rattle or clunk.The car is a 91 maxima auto.I think I may try to replace the belt myself, I have lots of tools will I need a timing light.
But do/ I need a timing light to replace the belt is it mandatory; if it mandatory for me to set the timing?I can do simple repairs but this will be my biggest repair.

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