Idle Surge

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My 91 geo storm gsi has started to idle at about 2k any suggestions why? there is a new cap,rotor, plugs, distributor coil, fuel filter, air filter, ignition module, idle air control valve, ecm, has had a professional carbon cleaning, timing set with in the last 48 hrs., and also has a new timing belt. the motor only has 93K on it and is original.

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    1. bobweb says:

      An OBD-I scanner hooked to the ALDL diagnostic connector will be able to see the computer controlling the idle over a range of values. If there was a bad enough air leak into the engine, eventually the computer would run out of idle control range and could no longer correct the idle to the normal 750 RPM. A GM scanner would be best, so I recommend having the dealer do a diagnostic test with their scanner and you’ll find out what’s wrong.