I Would Like To Know How High Performance Hei, Msd, Accel, Ignition Parts R Better Than Stock.

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I want to replace all my stock ignition parts like my distributor cap n rotor for a 66 Ford 289, but not sure what brand to go with. The way i see it ignition is ignition.

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    1. brad says:

      I bet they produce a better spark. But that’s not performance to me. Just like people with stock engines upgrading to a k&n air filter, plug wires, etc.

    2. Jimmy C says:

      not exactly there are all kinds of performance ignition parts out there and most are guaranteed to increase performance. Like an msd controller box with macthing distributor. What the msd box does is it creates a multiple spark discharge (msd) to better burn fuel. Instead of one spark to ignite the gas it has several. A high out put coil and low resistance wires are also a good way to go, it’s an easy swap and you will see a noticeable gain. Just go with the wires that do not have a radio suppression core. but i would say do a little research and I’m sure you will find the right combination.

    3. cement211 says:

      unless you are running in the 8 to 9 grand rpm range there
      is no difference

    4. pat j says:

      High performance ignition usually means better grade of spark plug leads and a higher output coil. The coil produces a fatter, hotter spark resulting in better fuel burn and keeps the spark plugs cleaner. A more complete burn should give you a little more power and less fuel consumption.
      To get the hotter spark you need to use carbon leads .

    5. #14 Chevrolet In 2009 says:

      Stay away from Accell.
      The big plug wires are only needed if you use the big MSD box. Otherwise it’s money thrown away.
      If your just doing a basic tune-up, stick with the Motorcraft stuff.