I Need To Replace The Distributor Cap And Rotor On My 98 Jetta. Where Is It, What Is, Pictures

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I need to replace the distributor cap and rotor on my 98 jetta. where is it, what is, pictures?

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    1. MANUEL G says:

      if equiped its on the front of the engine may have black cover and orange underneath has four spark plug wires and one coil wire coming off of it.
      try (autozone.com)

    2. little miss smarty pants says:

      It’s called a Chilton manual, get one. You can check them out at the library, they might even have a website. They are made specific to the year/make/model of nearly every car and tell you how to repair your car.

    3. suomi08 says:

      http://www.performance-cafe.com/images/037905205t.jpg ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://www.performance-cafe.com/images/037905205t.jpg)

      here is a picture of what you’re looking for. if you still cannot locate in under the hood. all you need to do is find one of the spark plug cables and follow it from the valve cover to the distributor. the distributor will have all 4 cable plugged into the cap. the cap is what covers the rotor, as your motor rotates the distributor drive gear, that turns the rotor inside to strike each of the 4 points under the cap that control your engines timing.

    4. dulcrayon says:

      the distributor cap is a round dome shaped thing that has wires coming out of it. it will either be at the front or the back of the engine. it will have 5 wires if your car is a 4 cylinder and 7 wires if your car is a 6 cylinder. the rotor is inside the distributor cap. you should, also, change the spark plugs is it hasn’t been done recently. IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU PUT THE WIRES EXACTLY WHERE THEY CAME OUT!!!!
      if you get them wrong the car will not run!!!!!
      the easiest way to do it when you don’t know what you’re doing (and you obviously don’t or you would not have asked the question) is to draw a picture of the distributor cap (it will go in two different ways, but it’s easy to tell which way it goes)/number the wires on the drawing and put tape or ? on each wire with the corresponding number. also note which way the rotor is facing (it will only go on one way, but this keeps you from trying to force it on).
      when pulling the wires out of the cap and off the spark plugs be sure to not damage the wire, always pull it from the boot (the big part)-never by the wire itself.

      an auto parts house can tell you the correct parts to install-don’t buy the cheapy parts. buy good quality parts-it will pay in the long run. if you follow these rules it will go fine. have fun and it will give you a feeling of accomplishment when you’ve finished