I Have Checked Everything On My 2000 Blazer But I Am Still Not Getting Fire. What’s Wrong

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Replaced the distributor and all of it’s parts. The coil pack and all.
It will turn over but will not start. It has gas,oil, and all. I don’t know what to do. Have checked all of the electrical Components and wires they are all good as well new spark plugs and wires.
The fule is getting there. I have retimed it and I am not getting any fire to the spark plugs or to the distributor.
Everything is getting the proper power that it is supose to be getting. I have replaced the timing chain and gears. this thing is just kicking my mind>
I have replaced both.

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    1. Lawrence S says:

      Have you checked and seen that the distributor is getting power?

    2. Erik D says:

      So your can hear the fuel pump coming on? You have spark coming out of the wire? Did you check the computer for any trouble codes? Sometimes that will get you in the right direction also check the relays and the the crankshaft position sensor sometimes they can be the problem double check your connections.

    3. bestwrencher says:

      I see alot of fuel pumps but you say you have fuel are you sure its getting to engine? do you hear pump humm outside when someone cranks engine? If not, bang on tank while it is cranking may jar pump into working again, but maynot. If thats not problem then you have to get into computer for trouble codes and you’re probably not equipped for that, are you? Another common problem was flooding due to leak inside intake, but you’d have raw fuel smell coming out exhaust…..No spark from coil? need to check codes, but a crank sensor would definitely do that, as long as your check engine light is actually working, if not then computer isnt even coming on and may just be blown fuse

    4. Scott W says:

      are you sure you are getting gas to the plugs?pull a plug and see if there is fuel on the plug,if not the pump or relay is bad.you can also put a SMALL amount of gas in the throttle body and crank it to see if it will start if you dint see fuel on the plugs.if it still wont run with fuel to the plugs make sure you do have spark,if not cam sensor,crank sensor or timing chain could be broke but i don’t think that’s the problem.check all this stuff.spark,fuel, compression and it should run……

    5. Kevin M says:

      it is possible that factory security system has a problem,my s10 p/u wont start sometimes and security light stays on after it starts ive been told its a problem in body control unit(bcm) ??? it does shut down spark not fuel

    6. bandit_60 says:

      what about the module, it could be bad or the crank sensor could be bad. did you check any of those?

    7. maj19672008 says:

      ihave you got power to the POS. side of the coil.???? and check the ground side too…. good luck