I Have A Ignition Problem With My Chevy S10.

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I have 2001 chevy s-10 exteneded cab and I have a secondary ignition problem with the third cylinder it is misfiring. I replaced the air intake, dis coil, plugs, plug wires, and even the ignition module, and the muffler, all uprgraded with high performance parts. It ran great for about three months and then I started getting the misfire on the third cylinder. I took it to the shop and the put it on the obd reader and it came up as a secondary ignition problem. since then I’ve removed the muffler so I’m running with an open pipe but I do still have the catalytic converter on. It does not always misfire, if i play with the throttle I can keep it from misfiring. It only happens when the vehicle is under load, like going up a hill, when I first take off, or if I give it to much gas. Before I start replacing everything on my truck is there someone who can tell me what to try and do next. Could I have a bad injector, fuel pump, or fuel regulator, wouldn’t that have come up on the obd scanner? Can I fix the problem with a chip? Someone please help because this is my primary source of transportation.

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    1. jim m says:

      if it’s a vortex motor you need a motor job i had the same problem and ended up scraping the whole truck , bad motor designs, to costly to repair, that quote about the vortex being a fine motor is so wrong mine was a 98 jimmy with 150 thou,klm’s on it and well maintained and the gm dealer told me to scrap it and so did my regular mechanic, #1 valves were gone 3 lb’s presure in #1 & 5 in #3 to fix the motor would cost more the the truck was worth pluss, this was all after i had replace alkinds of sencors fuil sending unit pluss , pluss , pluss so just listen to the mecanics they will take you to the bank

    2. Kevin S says:

      You are going to learn a very expensive lesson about aftermarket high performance parts and vehicles that are driven everyday.
      A vehicle that is used every day ie: back and forth to work should be left as stock as possible because when you have an issue any decent mechanic can diagnose your problem and get you back on the road quickly so you can get to work. Save the performance parts for your weekend toys. Back to your question it sounds electrical I have no personal experience with a scanner that could determine primary or secondary as the source of misfire swap the spark plug with another cylinder and see if your misfire moves.

    3. Chev M says:

      try cleaning injectors first gm has had problems with injecters as far as the answer you had on the vortex motor guy is giving you a bunch of crap the vortex motor is far better than any gm motor i know i have 2 and no running problem i compare to the 3.8 or the 3300 which they dont make anymore

    4. Steven O says:

      Your secondary ignition consist of your plugs plug wires .you could have a cracked spark plug insulator or faulty plug wires . I know you just replaced them but the obd says that is where your problem is .so it might be a good place to start.sometimes it’s hard to tell if a plug insulator is cracked with the naked eye did you replace the plug in the third cyl .from what i understand your problem started after 3 months of running on the new plugs and wires .hope this bit of info about the secondary ignition system helped

    5. jnc623 says:

      try moving the spark plug from cyl #3 to another cyl and see if the missfire moves with it, if not then do the same with the spark plug wire from Cyl #3. I’d bet you have either a bad plug or wire on that cyl.