I Have A 2001 Honda Accord. Stopped Running For No Reason. Acts Like It’s Out Of Gas. Where Do I Start.

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Thought I had a mechanic to fix it but he could not. He checked the timing belt. Distributor, and the computer. He thought it was the computer??? Any kind of input would be great!!!

thanks in advanced!!

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    1. ken s says:

      it could be your computer as it runs several things on the car and can be very costly. i would suggest you have it towed to a repair garage and have them look at the computer. i would also get some gas and put in your car and see if that is the problem

    2. red207pilot says:

      Fuel filter, fuel pump, sending unit..clogged fuel line. Start with the cheapest first..ie the fuel filter

    3. Mykol says:

      im assuming it has no spark then right? is there a crank sensor? check that or replace it BEFORE the computer if it doesnt work then send it back. fuses good? relays good?

    4. volcom says:

      It may be the computer. If its not the distributor or timing belt it may very well be the ignition, ICM or ignition coil. You will need an ohmmeter to check resistance. DId you check all fuses under the hood. It could also be the fuel system . Try listening for the fuel pump by turing the key to ON and you will hear the whizzzing sound. It you hear it check the the fuel rail is getting pressure also check the fuel injecters with the ohmmeter. GL

    5. bojo8127 says:

      No car ever built stops running for no reason. There is always a reason why anything quits ,no matter year or make. The thing is to find the reason.
      Plugs, coil, fuel line plugged, fuel filter, spark plug wires leaking the spark to ground, cracked dist. cap, also ignition module.
      There are many items that could be at fault.
      I would suggest a compression check to start with, eliminating the possibility of the car jumping time. If the compression is very low, then the timing belt might have allowed the valve timing to be off.
      You can also have the computer read, and see if any information shows up that might be the cause.