I Am Seeing Oil Around The Spark Plugs Of My Nissan. What’s Going On Here

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Yesterday when I changed the spark plugs on my 1995 Nissan 200sx I saw a whole bunch of oil on the threads and around the base of the spark plugs. The car seems to run fine, so smoke or anything. Any idea(s) as to what to problem is? Any input would be appreciated.

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    1. Sandy says:

      Oil on your plugs can be caused by piston rings or cylinder walls that are badly worn. Oil may also be pulled into the chamber because of excessive clearance in the valve stem guides, or badly worn valve stem seals. If the PCV valve is plugged or inoperative, it can cause a buildup of crankcase pressure. This condition can force oil and oil vapors past the rings and valve guides into the combustion chamber.

    2. goldwing127959 says:

      On the underside of the valve cover is “O” rings that keep the oil from getting to the spark plugs. Go get a new valve cover gasket, and in the gasket set is these “O” rings.
      Replacing thes gasket and “O”rings will stop this.

    3. skyline_r34tt says:

      it is time for a rebulit motor for that car you dont want to see u car on fire do you
      so just take to shop 4 a rebuilt and it will like 500 to 1000 dollars but worth it

    4. David says:

      just get a new valve cover gasket like goldwing said… your o-rings are leaking and sometimes you have to get a whole new valve cover cause the gasket doesn’t come separately… just call the parts store or dealer and they can tell you how it comes. sometimes it will make your car run badly if enough oil gets around the plugs and wires. hope this helps