I Am Having Some Problems With My Cooling Fan Staying ON

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I have a 1994 Ford Taurus GL 3.8 6 Cyl. My Cooling Fan stays on now when I start my car UNTIL I shut it off. Even when the engine is Cold. I had problems with it alwys running hot even when the coolant level is normal so any idea why this would happen? Also could it be the Integrated Relay Control Assembly? Thanks

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    1. mark o says:

      assuming that the word “had” means the overheating problem is cured, the most likely cause of your fan not shutting off is a faulty fan relay, also could be the sending unit in the engine that goes to ground to activate the relay is shorted to ground causing the relay assembly to always see a need for the fan to run.

    2. Super Man says:

      You have thermo-switch sending units in the radiator, the engine head, and the engine block. Each detecks heat for a different system one for the cooling system, one for the fuel system, and one for the coolant temp. Any of these could be bad. If the overheating problem isn’t fixed the heat could be causeing the fan to run most of the time, while another sending unit causes it run the rest of time. You said it overheats when the coolant is full, try flushing the cooling system first. If that doesn’t fix the problem with fan and your not a mechanic seek some profesional help. After 30 yrs in the garage I think this may just fix your problem.

    3. jarhed says:

      I have seen quite a few of these fan relays sticking.