Hyundai Accent Won’t Start, Why

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My car stalled going up a driveway, and now the car will not start. The engine will not turn over, doesn’t crank. My battery is fine, I even tried boosting the car, nothing. My OBD reader shows no codes. I don’t think it’s my starter, because the car stalled while going up a driveway, it’s not that it was cold in the morning, I was driving it for half an hour and then it stopped in a driveway. What else could it be? Would appreciate any help, kinda stuck on this.

I checked the starter and fuel pump relay, they work. Can it be the fuel pump, and how do I diagnose this? Has anyone else had similar problems? It’s a 2001 Hyundai Accent GL 1.6 DOHC 5 speed manual. What else could it be, I can’t start it to take it to the shop. And they charge a lot to look and repair.
I tried roll starting, didn’t work. My electronics do come on, so I don’t think there’s a problem with the alternator. Could it be that the car thinks it’s not in neutral somehow, even with the clutch down and stick in neutral, is there an electric component that tells the car it’s in neutral? I do here the starter clicking, would this happen if the car wasn’t in neutral. If the battery were the problem, would the car start if I pushed it first? I tried a rolling start but it didn’t work.

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    1. Jose says:

      when u say it stalled, was it the car just died or u released the clutch in gear and it stalled?

    2. Karle says:

      if it doesn’t turn over no need to check fuel pump since not ur problem….i am assuming u no what turn over means…..means the motor rotating…….

      if it is not turning over check the under hood fuses……pull them out the can corrode where its not visible…….if they are good check the battery and starter wires ….if those are good pull the battery out and have it tested…..or if u have another battery that will work available put it in and see if it starts…..sometimes battery will short internally and will not allow voltage through so jumping does nothing……

      if that all doesn’t work……tap on the starter with something……tap on both the solenoid and the housing….if it starts then its ur starter if not….try manually jumping ur starter…..

      u do this with a screw driver or wire and u basically have the key in on position and vehicle in park (neutral if stick…but if stick u should have roll started it by now)…but u jump small wire on starter to big wire……only for a second or 2 will shoot sparks…..but it should cause starter to spin over if it does not and battery and cables are good then ur starter is the problem…….if it starts but then u turn it off and it wont restart or if it spins but doesn’t start it is ur ignition switch……good luck