How To Best Reach The Spark Plugs On A 97 Chevy Express Van

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How can I reach the spark plugs best? Take off the dog house? From the wheel wells? I have 95k miles on it, had it since 60k miles so I dont’ know what’s been done previously but should I also change the distributor cap at the same time or is that not necessary?
Also, what brand spark plug wires do you recommend or doesn’t it really matter?

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    1. tumbleweed1954 says:

      Probably from the doghouse and under the hood.

    2. Stuart says:

      Remove the dog house cover from the inside of the van. You’ll need a swivel socket to get all eight spark plugs out.

    3. BFH says:

      Yup! Change the cap too the caps are crap on those. The easiest way to get at the plugs is to raise the van a little bit, (to make more room above the tires) then take your long 2.5’x3/8″ extension, and your swivel 5/8″ spark plug socket, stick it in thruough the wheelwells, and twist with the ratchet of your choice. Go with Autolite Platinum Pro (APP605) They have platinum on BOTH tips just like the original Delco plugs (rated for 100,000mi) but at half the cost.

      Do not confuse them with the AP605 (single platinum)