How Often Should You Change The Glow Plugs In A Diesel Engine

Posted in Ignition Systems | Asked on May 12, 2010

How often should you change the glow plugs in a diesel engine?

There are 3 Answers for "How Often Should You Change The Glow Plugs In A Diesel Engine"

  1. K' says:

    whenever you need to

  2. RJR says:


    There are several components in the glow plug system. The controller, the wiring harness and the glow plugs. Check them all according to your service manual and replace as specified. If it calls for replacing ALL the glow plugs if only some are bad don’t try taking a short cut and replacing only the burned out ones. REPLACE THEM ALL or you’ll be sorry.

    Happy Wrenching!

    Hey Jules- you ever seen what happens to International 7.3′s glow plugs when drivers constantly start them without waiting until the glow plug light goes off?

  3. Jules G says:

    You only replace glow plugs when they go faulty, which could be never

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