How Often Should The Glow Plugs Be Changed In A Diesel We Have A ’02 F250 7.3 Diesel.

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How often should the glow plugs be changed in a diesel? we have a ’02 F250 7.3 diesel.?

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    1. Jay P says:

      Unlike a gasoline engine that usually has fixed intervals set by the manufacturers for spark plug replacement, glow plugs don’t have set intervals.

      This is because glow plugs are only used for starting the engine. They do not keep the vehicle running. So, if you drive long distances each time, the glow plugs will last a long time. If you drive only short distances and stop the engine often, the glow plugs will probably burn out sooner.

      Generally speaking, glow plugs should be replaced when you start noticing difficulty in starting.

    2. Mr. T says:

      If the engine is starting fine, I would not change them. If the engine becomes hard to start, then it’s time. The glow plug relay will click off quickly, instead of staying on for 5 seconds. Once the engine finally starts, it will run rough. An indication one of the glow plugs has failed. It may only take two that have failed to cause the engine not to start.


    3. LeAnne says:

      Jay P is correct – but I have also run into another concern with these glow plugs. Once they have been in the vehicle for a long period of time – especially in the snow and salt climate where I live – they become virtually impossible to remove easily, and some of them aren’t exactly very accessible.
      If I owned this vehicle, I would be tempted to remove the plugs and replace them using a liberal amount of Never-Seize compound on the threads – after 6 years or so, it would simply assure that the engine will start easily on cold mornings and, should it become necessary to replace any in the future, they’ll be easily removed and replaced.

    4. TeKe says:

      Wait till it breaks then replace. some of then will last the lifetime of the truck. i have a freightliner withe 400000 miles with the original one still working