How Much Should I Have Been Charged For 4 New Spark Plugs

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I had to get new spark plugs put in my car, its a 4 cylinder. I think it was a little insane that I was charged over $100 just for LABOR and another $60 for the spark plugs. What is the average price on that does anyone know?

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    1. dream says:

      the average price for an auto mechanic is $70 per hour.

    2. kenhebe20 says:

      It depends on the vehicle and what type of spark plugs it requires. If the car is equipped with platinum tipped or iridium spark plugs, those cost about $15 each. If they are just copper spark plugs then you can get those from $2-$5 each. As far as the labor charge goes, they probably charged you for about an hour’s labor and that is about right for a 4 cylinder car per the labor manuals.

    3. budie80us says:

      That’s probably about right. People do not realize how hard it is to change spark plugs now. Believe it or not, some cars require you to take a front wheel off to get at them. If this was a much older car, maybe I would complain, but not if it is a newer car.

      As a check for yourself, Throw the hood up yourself when the car is cold, and see if you can put your hand on each plug. I bet you will find it difficult.

    4. bobweb says:

      It’s simple. Always compare to a quote from your dealer. Why pay an independent shop more when they don’t specialized in your make car?
      You always get the proper parts for your car at a dealer. I’m not saying to always go to a dealer for service, but use the dealer to best advantage.

    5. thebax2006 says:

      Sounds like the dealership prices.
      One hour labor, $85 and up.
      Regular spark plugs, $3-$4 each at parts store, $10 each at dealer.
      Platinum spark plugs, $8 each at parts store, $16 each at dealer.
      Most 4 cylinder vehicles don’t need platinum plugs, they are easy to replace every 30,000 miles.
      Nice smile

    6. Ray G says:

      i just bought platinum spark plugs at auto zone for under $3 each the prices went from $.95 to $7,95 i have never paid $15 for a spark plug i do my own mechanical work so i do not pay labor but $100 does not sound to far out of range for that work

    7. nonsanekp says:

      Some places have a minimum time for labour, 100$/hr sounds typical. Sounds like the part prices were overinflated, but that happens anywhere. I think you may have been ripped off a bit, but i don’t think it’s worth pursuing. Go somewhere else next time.

    8. shades 4u says:

      Bummer, you been robbed, even the best brand name plugs at a parts store will run you 4-5 dollars apiece, and for labor, which should only be about a 30-45 minute job at most, 40-50 bucks,labor, so lets do some math? spark plugs= $16.00 – $20.00, labor = $40.00 – $50.00, so heres the tally, $56.00 on the low end for plugs and labor, and $70.00 on the high end for plugs and labor, let’s see you paid $160.00, what comes to mind is; what college is that technicians kid going to? it pays to shop around so next time get in your phone book and don’t go back to that shop again.

    9. acceleratorhappy says:

      I’m pretty sure you got ripped off. Now most 4 cylinder cars are quite easy to change spark plugs and should only take up to 1/2 an hour but it really depends on the car and I see he might justify the parts price is if it has Platinium plugs but then are no 4 cylinder cars that I know of that would use them apart from some of the very Hi Performance Jap cars. Most of the normal cars on the roads spark plugs are only about $5 each if you look he might have charged freight for the plugs or if your car is a Nissan Pintara They actually use 8 spark plug even though they are 4 cylinder