How Much Does It Costs To Have The Spark Plugs Repair

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  • 2001 VW JETTA

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    1. Robert R says:

      plugs are only a few dollars each.its always a good idea to change distributor cables too when doing plugs.the only way a plug could cause shaking is if its clogged and its not firing on that cylinder.if you buy a plug wrench and get a guy to do it for you,itll only cost $30.a shop probly cost you $60.

    2. rhsaunders says:

      Dealing with spark plug problems can cost from ten bucks to well over a hundred, depending on the type of plug and the nature of the problem. If the plugs require nothing more than cleaning and gapping, it’s cheap. If they are fine wire plugs and require replacement, that’s well over a hundred bucks. I let a Jiffy Lube guy sell me an induction system cleaning for my Ford Escort. It cost me $50 to get the cleaning, and $150 to fix the damage that it caused: all the spark plugs (fine wire) had to be replaced.

    3. ragesh50 says:

      A spark plug is very cheap comparitavilly, always keep spare spark plugs on a long journey, When the check engine light starts to blink, there are many faults-first dynamo brushes, not recyling the alternator, Secondly Battery may be weak or going down, third fan belt, lastly spark plugs.

    4. Spee says:

      2001 VW Jettas are tough cars to work on, from what I’ve heard. Spark plugs are $2-$2.40 each – you need 4 of them. You should use Bosch Platinum spark plugs on VWs. You also need di-electric grease, anti-seize lubricant, and a spark plug socket. I haven’t worked on a V-dub, but I know they require a lot of time and specialists for a lot of things – they’re way different from U.S. and Asian cars. So I don’t know how much a repair shop would charge you. But for a simple Asian car, it would cost $45 (copper plugs) to $70 (regular platinum plugs at expensive places) and 15 minutes. I’m guessing that it won’t be a simple procedure, and several rusty screws probably have to be removed carefully to get to the plugs.

      To save money, don’t go to a dealer, but find a VW/Euro repair specialist (for major repairs/diagnostics). But first, I would ask a reputable local garage if they can replace plugs on a VW Jetta.

    5. So cal VW Tech says:

      If the check engine light it blinking , this means there is live misfires in the system,DO NOT DRIVE not only can it be unsafe you can cause damage to the catalytic converter witch is very expensive. There are a number of things that could be happening, poor fuel, spark plugs, plug wires(2.0l), coil packs(1.8t) carbon buildup ETC, MAF, etc . If the Spark plugs Have 40k miles on them i would change them, I would be sure to use factory spark plugs or something close ngk, Bosch, just remember you get what you pay for, I have seen a number of cars come in to the dealer with the wrong spark plugs, with live misfires. if you have a 2.0l its very easy to damage the plug wires during the replacement of the spark plugs. so i would find a good euro shop to perform these repairs. Also if the check engine light is on it will need to be reset, this may cost extra.