How Much Does It Cost To Have My Spark Plugs And Wires Replaced

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How much, including labor, does it cost to replace the spark plugs and wires of a 1994 Buick Skylark?

My car sometimes vibrates, my guess is from the engine laboring due to one of the pistons not functioning correctly. If you have a different idea/suggestion, please let me know. Thanks.

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    1. Ben H says:

      About $50.00 for the parts, pretty easy to do yourself. You will need about $30.00 for tools.

    2. dodge man says:

      i own a repair shop and you would be looking at about 100 bucks for everything,and that’s using the best of parts on it also ,i wont install cheap parts at my shop,i buy the best and install the best this way i can guarantee them,but that’s a good price for doing one of those,good luck i hope this helps.

    3. Ron says:

      Parts alone for an 8 cylinder engine will cost: Spark plugs = $ 25., wire kit = $50. & labor at $65/hr = $65. Total apprx. $150.

    4. Babs says:

      You know…a tune up is probably exactly what you need. I would say that you are going to spend $50 to $75 for a tune-up. The problem with buying your own plugs and wires is that you need to know someone who knows what they are doing to set the correct caliber. That’s why it is probably better to just have a professional do it.

    5. kingofdrifters says:

      I don’t know about domestics but maybe it is the same with imports. If you can see it on top or on the side then it’s really easy to change thoes spark plug and wires.Better then to take it to the shop and have someone do it labor isn’t cheap( $60-80 per hour). All you have to do is memorize where each wire goes as you change one you put in the new one so it wouldn’t be so confusing. Have the spark plug socket with the extension and wrench and turn it counter clockwise. take them out and replaced them with the new ones and plug in the wires and your set. It only takes like 15 minutes and shops will probably charge 1 to 2 hours becasue they go by the book.