How Many Spark Plugs Are In A Hemi Engine

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For the first time i heard that the hemi i have has 16 spark plugs. is this true?

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    1. rimkus777 says:

      i have never heard of that before if it is a 8 cylinder it has 8 spark plugs,a 6 cylinder has 6 spark plugs, a 4 cylinder has 4 spark plugs the only difference in a hemi from a normal engine is that it has an eliptical stroke of the piston instead of straight up and down

    2. The Oracle says:

      All of the new Gen Chrysler Hemi’s use 2 plugs per cylinder.
      so YES it’s 16 for your 5.7 or 6.1 Hemi.

    3. Fordman says:

      The production hemi will have 8 spark plugs. There are some racing engines used in dragsters that will have different heads and will use the 2 plugs per cylinder.

      good luck

      edit: Thanks for the info Oracle. I wasn’t aware that the new hemis use the two plugs per cylinder. I stand corrected.

    4. QuestionX says:

      Yes 16… check these pics out of the cut-view engines.. ^(

    5. rick b says:

      new Gen hemi engines have 2 per cylinder and old style hemi has 1 per cylinder

      The 426 original hemi production hemi has 1 per cylinder
      Top fuel 426 hemi depending on who built the engine 1 or 2 plugs per cylinder

    6. remi says:

      yep, 16 plugs, and some have AN aluminum block

    7. mikey says:

      And then for all you hemi experts – there were a few made in the 50s weren’t there? Or did you all just forget.

    8. dodge man says:

      16 plugs in the newer ones and 8 in the older model hemi engines,any hemi made now days has 16 plugs.good luck

    9. moparmandan says:

      Yes the gen three hemis have 2 plugs per cylinder, all the gen 1 (51-58)and 2 (64-71)had only 1 per cyl in factory production.
      The hemi’s combustion chamber is half a hemisphere, or dome shaped.
      (ww2 aircraft technology)
      The piston still goes up and down.
      The gen 3’s are barely, you have to kinda squint.
      The legendary nameplate helps sell cars…er, it did till recently, anyway!~Dan