How Is It That Spark Plugs Are For Certain Brand Cars, NGK For Japanese,

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Champion spark plugs for American cars and Bosch for German cars. I’m not sure I understand how a spark plug can make the difference in a cylinder block, based on make, it seems, that data would be the driving force can be made in preference to American or German car. Please inform.

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    1. BILL B says:

      all sparkplugs are the same

    2. rollacosta says:

      they generally do the same but some cars like the 02 solara require the duel tip ones. Not sure why though, but they say more spark, better ignition, more explosion, more power.

      as for brand name idk

    3. nitebearer says:

      Simple. Each of those brands are native to the manufacturers area. Therefore they get the deal to provide the plugs for those vehicles. You can use any brand you want so long as they meet the mfr specs. Most plug mfrs make plugs for most makes and model of engines.

      There are some mechanics that say things like the plugs are american and this is a japanese car so they are causing a problem. I had one tell that to my gf. I had a little chat with the mechanic as I know the plugs (champion in a german car) were spec’d correctly by my mechanic.

      Now there are some plugs that do perform in certain ranges better than others and so if those are installed it is better to use the same ones again (brand specific).

      But basically japanese cars come with NGK, Bosch for German as they are the big mfr of plugs in europe and of course champion for american. For your average buggy it does not matter what you replace them with.