How Does An Ignition Key Microchip System Work

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My car wont start and a friend says that is a micro-chip thing in the key, i dunno, this is my very first car and i have no idea about anything car-related. Its a 98 ford explorer . HELP!! and thanx!! :)

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    1. Whata.crock says:

      I will answer your question but the starting problem could very well be something else:

      Basically the chip sends back an RF signal generated from the onboard computer. If the signal is the wrong frequency or is not existent the computer will not ground the ignition circuit. The starter will turn but the engine will not start.

      To correct an error (i.e.aftermarket key with no chip, wrong chip, etc.) the authorized locksmith or auto dealer will have to program the signal to be compatible with the new key. That involves the technician using a a scan tool plugged into the diagnostic connector to match the signal.

    2. Gabe says:

      If it is the microchip, it will act normal except the car will not start. (You may want to have a look at the headlights to make sure they do NOT dim when you try to start it.)

      The last thing to check is that you do not have alot of other stuff on your key ring; some times a store card or another key may prevent it from starting. You should take the key off just to be sure.

      If you’re sure it is the microchip, then you will need to take it to a Ford dealer for a new key. It cost $120.00 when I got a new one for my ’99.