How Do You Know If Your Distributor Cap/rotor Is Bad

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88 F150 5th 0L V8 TY

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    1. kelly_f_1999 says:

      type into search box

      how to check a distributor cap
      how to check a rotor button

      look inside cap if you see lightening bolt marks its bad dull streaks marks its bad in top of cap corrosion
      it bad

      rotor button just look at end of medal on top of it spark burns off the end older it gets shorter it gets farther a way less spark you get

      type into search box

      how to check
      how to replace
      how to remove
      how to install
      name a part
      year model
      add video some time find one

      how to check distributor cap
      how to replace distributor cap
      how to replace distributor cap 1988 ford F150
      how to install distributor cap video

      can find most car repairs this way

    2. Mr. KnowItAll says:

      If in doubt, change it out.
      They’re cheap.

    3. Country Boy says:

      Pop it loose from the distributor and carefully look inside for carbon tracking, cracks or small beads of moisture with a small pen flashlight. Look at the center carbon button that rides on the rotor spring. If it’s worn or chipped the Cap should be replaced. Externally the center coil wire sometimes corrodes and burns creating high resistance. *If at all possible replace the cap with the following brands: Standard blue colored, Accell tan colored or the best is a red colored MSD. Replace the rotor at the same time.

      The reason the caps with color are better they have higher dielectric strength. If you’re looking for quality and a bargain MSD and AC-Delco ignition wires have less OHM’s of resistance and the outer insulation jackets are stronger than Motorcraft wires. If you do change the wires, pick up a tube of silicone ignition grease from NAPA or Carquest to liberally wipe on the inside of the distributor cap boots and spark plug boots. This step keeps water out and helps a ton the next time you remove the wires from either end.

    4. bandit_60 says:

      there are a few ways of telling.1 is if the cap is all corroded inside or it could have a burnt tower where the plug wires goes and it could have a hair line crack. as for the rotor, the firing tip could be burnt up.