How Do I Know When To Change My Distributor Cap On My Suburban

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What are the signs that it is time to change the distributor cap and rotor 1992 Suburban me??

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    1. D says:

      Yes, it’s going to start not running well. They usually last 30-50,000 miles, but there’s no way to predict exactly.

    2. justin w says:

      The contact points will look burned and have a lot of build up on them. It also tells you in your owners manual when it is recommended to do a tune up on your vehicle.

    3. gm says:

      if it shows cracks or corrosive acid-like on terminals.
      rotors seldom breaks, you may just have to clean it with sand paper, but if it shows cracks, replace it too.

    4. caffeinetripp says:

      There are a few ways to find out when a good time is to change your distributor’s cap and rotor. The first being is to call a dealership or car shop, tell them the year, make, model, and submodel of your vehicle and ask them what the service is for the 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles are. Generally there is a tune up specification for those miles (and every 30,000 thereafter, though it depends on manufacturer to manufacturer and vehicle to vehicle). The tune up should include spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor, oil, oil filter, air filter and so on. This is the easiest way to tell what the factory specifications are for changing out your cap and rotor.
      The other way to tell when to change out your cap and rotor is to remove the cap and inspect the contact points. If there is build up (white, chalky/coal-like) substance on the contact points of the cap and rotor’s contact points, you can take some light sandpaper to get rid of the build up (if you’re short on cash only, of course). Naturally, it is in your vehicle’s best interest to just spring for the new parts as they’re not that expensive.
      Or you can wait until that car starts running poorly, getting bad gas mileage, and becomes hard to start. But why wait that long when you need a reliable vehicle?
      Remember though, that when you take off the cap to use a white-out pen and mark which plug wires are which and where they go on the cap itself, otherwise you’re vehicle will not run properly if the wires are hooked up incorrectly.