How Do I Change The Spark Plugs In My 2002 Chevy Trailblazer

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My boyfriend and i would like to change the spark plugs our self and I was just wondering where they are located

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    1. vile_fly says:

      you never mentioned the engine size.
      The inline 5cyl and 6cyl engines have the spark plugs located on the valve cover….UNDERNEATH the coils. This is a coil-on-plug system…….one coil per spark plug.

    2. Aaron B says:

      Best way to go is to buy a manual from your local auto parts store for 13 bucks along with some spark plugs for that particular year and model, then head home and read up on it first..the manual will expain step by step how to go about it.

      Sometimes you need to use a dielectric grease on the plug wires.
      The plugs need to be set at a certain gap setting.
      They need to be tightened to a specific tourq.
      Plus possibly more, depending on the year, make and model.
      Dont be discouraged, there are just alot of details, Hope this helps.

    3. dan_james6_6 says:

      You should have 4 or 6 spark plugs in your vehicle depending on how many cylinders you have. Assuming you have a 6 cylinder, there should be 6 black that a visable as soon as you open your hood. At one end of them they should connect to what’s called your distributer cap, which distibutes the spark. Follow those wires to the other end and they should run to your block, which houses your 6 cylinders, or 4. Where the wires meet your block, if you just pull them off the block your plugs should be right under them. If you already have the new ones, you just simply remove the old ones, pop in the new ones and place the wires back on. Now if your replacing the plugs because they are old you might want to replace those wires going to them, as well as on the the other side of the wires, your distributer cap. This will ensure a great start up, especially in the winter.