How Do I Change The Back Spark Plugs On A 2002 Ford Windstar

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My father is trying to change the spark plugs on our minivan and isn’t sure how to get to them. I can’t find anything online, any suggestions will help greatly.

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    1. woodardland06 says:

      have u tried from the bottom.

    2. phillip b says:

      take the plastic wiper linkage cover thing off between the engine bay and the windshield.

    3. george_12050 says:

      u may want to jack it up and lay underneath it. should be able to reach them

    4. Ford Girl says:

      All of the above are good answers so far. Assuming your father is not interested in crawling underneath the vehicle, or has access to the jack needed to lift it, he is probably better off removing the wiper cowl and transmission assembly (meaning WIPER TRANSMISSION, not vehicle transmission) for access. The only tools needed are a 15mm socket or wrench for the nuts that secure the wiper arms to the linkage, a philips screwdriver to remove the wiper cowl panel, and a 5/16″ socket with appropriate extension and ratchet to remove all the bolts that secure the cowl panel to the body. If you need more information, e-mail me directly and I’ll send instructions with illustrations. Hope this helps.

    5. gearbox says:

      It’s a secret …can’t tell anybody but Ford dealers employ Farries to change those plugs…

      Ok real joke

      Mechanic shops remove the wipers, cowl panel and the whole assembly underneath (The wipers are screwed on, the panels pull up and the assembly underneath is held in by 10 screws)

      Provides complete and easy access to the rear three plugs and wires

    6. 3520 says:

      From underneath you can get to them