How Do I Change 2001 Ford Windstar Spark Plugs

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I want to change my spark plugs, (Ford wants to charge me $200) but the plugs near the firewall seem tough to get at.
Do mechanics use mirrors or what?

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    1. Martinmm says:

      yes mirrors are handy at times you might have to close your eyes and feel for it.but.if you jack it up you may gain access where the wheel well is.the plastic covers (wells) are removable.try

    2. 144289 says:

      Change the rear plugs from under the van

    3. Uncle Red says:

      IT is pretty easy. that black piece that shrouds the back of the engine is easily removed, the one that acts as a shield for the lower windshield and wipers. there area about 6 tabs you pull and then the rear plugs are easy to get to. well worth the little effort as it is almost impossible to get at them from underneath as the steering is in the way.
      Got a manual it tells you how to do it, I am looking at a haynes right now. :-)

    4. Greg M says:

      Actually the one guy is kinda right you can remove the cowl panel at the windshield however it is a little bit more involved you must remove the wiper arms (15mm nut), unplug the washer hose, remove the 4 plastic push pins at the cowl then pull upward to remove off it’s clips before completely pulling it off feed the wiper hose you unplugged through the grommet then there are about 9 8mm bolts holding down the lower cowl remove the pollen filter to get to one of the bolts and make sure you unplug the wiper motor and if it has one the hood light plug then you can get to the plugs getting to them from under the van is pretty tricky too

    5. quepasameng says:

      Arg its pretty difficult. At a ford dealer 200 seems like a bargain. The plugs in the back are pretty hard to get, so i havent even attempted to change them myself on mine.