How Can You Tell If An Ignition Switch Module Has Went Bad

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I have a 1991 Chevy Lumina. It started to run around, is missing here and there. Yesterday, however, to do some big time car started chugging and act like he wants to die. I was to lose power. When I stepped on the gas, I had to push down the gas to go there even a slow, only to come home. The mechanic said that he was connected to a diagnostic computer to test it. . . He said the spark plugs were good. This part is somewhere around the engine block under the coils. Does anyone know anything about it?

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    1. Kenny says:

      If your ignition module was bad, the car would not be running.

    2. gary o says:

      if you mechanic hooked up a scanner (diagnostic computer) he should be able to tell more than if spark plugs are good. as all sensors input to vehicle computer will be visible.maybe referring to ECU? If this is all you mechanic told you I think you should get another opinion or 2 before you agree to a fix.

    3. badintentions says:

      what kenny said is true, what you should do is take it to a muffler shop and have the catalytic converter cut out and just have a resonator installed in place of it. If you have state laws regarding pollution then you will have to replace it with another catalytic converter. it is NOT your ignition module.

    4. sparkplug says:

      Hes right if the ignition control module goes bad the car will die, it sounds like the Crankshaft Position Sensor may be going bad. Alot of the time a Sensor won’t start acting up until it has reached a certain temp. when they get warm then they start in. This Sensor provides a signal through the ignition control module and the PCM use the signal to determine the RPM and crankshaft position. Did he tell you a code? The Coils sit on top of the Ignition control module,but that not it. If the car starts dying driving down the highway or when you are trying to go up a steep grade it is definitely the Crankshaft Position Sensor. You can take the Ignition Control Module off and take it too the parts store and they can check it for you for free or they do where I live, but any AutoZone should and they can also check for any codes as long as the check engine light is on.