I have a 2000 Honda Prelude that keeps throwing trouble codes. Code for P0300 random multiple misfire and P1399 Random cylinder misfire. I just replaced the whole ignition system with msd parts: NGK iridium plugs, msd 8.5 mm super conductor wires, msd cap and rotor, msd blaster ss coil, and msd 6al2 cd ignition box. I figured this would solve the problem but it is still occuring. Car seems really sluggish and when the ac is on, I will rev it in neutral and let rpms drop to idle and it almost stalls on itself before barely catching and returning to idle. I have an intake and have recently also replaced brand new oem o2 sensor. I only run premium gas and have checked the plugs gaps multiple times. I baby my car and she keeps throwing the finger… Can anyone HELP???? Please? EGR Valve a possibility? Anything is appreciated. Thank you.

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