Help Needed Car Will Not Start In Cold And Wet Weather

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My car didn’t start last week. Installed new battery and cleaned the cables and it started fine. After 2 days, It didn’t start again. Towed it to firestone. They had the car in the garage overnight and when they started the car next morning, surprisingly (no issues) it started just fine. They checked my alternator, battery and started and said everything is fine (however they said distributor seal and oil pan gasket is leaking oil). The manager said they will charge $150 to diagnose the problem.

So, i took the car to a local mechanic to find what was going on. He had the car in the garage and the car started without any issues so he couldn’t pinpoint the issue either (He said there is little oil in the spark plug and suggested I should do a complete tuneup that includes replacing the val cover gasket, relay and spark plugs) and said it would cost $375.

Car is 95 honda accord LX (4 cyl – 2.2 engine) I don’t have that much money and the car started fine. So I brought the car to home and left in the open parking lot of my apt and today morning (raining here since yesterday night) it didn’t start.

I visually checked the distributor and I saw sparks outside the cover, when my friend tried to start the car (car cranks but will not start). I called autozone and the guy told me that I will have to replace the distributor cover.

Please let me know what other parts (Ignition wire, rotor, spark plug wire, spark plug, valve cover) do I have to replace?

Money is tight now but don’t want to run into any issues until end of this year. Appreciate your help!!

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    1. Zimmer says:

      Take a dry cloth and wipe the plug insulators,the plug leads and cap and the coil where the wires come out,the insulation is damp and dirty make sure it is cost . a yellow duster

    2. martinmm says:

      Wow, i kept looking for the punch line.CAP- ROTOR- WIRES should keep ole sparkie’ from major discharge for now.(don’t use the old rotor with a new cap)))) and look up tune up after;you put your car in.

      it will show you a more detailed parts list(should).

    3. therick63 says:

      Replace the distributor cap and see if the problem goes away?
      if you still get a little spark bleed, then replace the spark plug wires also.
      good luck

    4. clutch says:

      A complete tune up is best I plan mine in the fall it will pay for its self in fuel cost. A good rule is regular plugs replace every year splitfire or platinum plugs 2 years. wires try to use 8mm and 3 years unless you find rub spots.air filter, pcv, fuel filter every year. If money is tight then start with a cap and rotor since you said there were sparks. if you can afford it later do the rest.

    5. Chris Sac says:

      First find a good shop that will leave the car outside overnight and duplicate your problem. Second, those hondas are bad about the distributors getting water or condensation in them and causing hard starts when they are cold and/ or wet. You will probably end up needing to replaced the “distributor sub assembly”. It is what your dist cap covers. It should be held in by two or three bolts, and it pretty easy to remove. But most likely that is your problem. Very common on those hondas.
      Also, do NOT put bosch platinum plugs in a honda. Go with the stock or iridium NGK plugs. Hondas do NOT like bosch platinums. Waist of money.

    6. A says:

      Your oil pan probably isn’t leaking, A Quick story, I had my car to 3 different shops and they all tried to tell me my oil pan was leaking, Turns out it was the valve covers and intake leaking down onto the pan, and after I replaced them NO MORE OIL LEAKS ANYWHERE Your main issue, I would get a new dis. cap and rotor button first, and then if the problem persists get a new COIL, They can cause this problem all by their selves, You’ll get people who say I’m crazy that’s fine, I have had atleast 4 different cars over the years with the same issue, And a coil alone fixed all of them.