GM Diesel 6.2…. Easy Ways To Improve Efficiency And Power

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What products could I use, such as fluids, brands of glow plugs, etc to increase power without sacrificing milage?

Because I know someone will say it: even if my truck did have a computer, I wouldn’t mess around with a chip.

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    1. De Deuce says:

      Glow plugs have NOTHING to do with power OR efficiency. And you cannot INCREASE power and NOT effect fuel consumption negatively. Power is HEAT and heat is produced from the burning of FUEL. Ergo, Horse Power = fuel.

      A diesel is designed for economy. If you try to go faster you are producing Horse Power (see above)

      Best advise to increase fuel economy? Try to run the engine at its maximun torque speed (1800 rpm) at all times. This is the best speed range for producing maximun fuel economy.

    2. justin c says:

      clean air filter installed, proper tire pressure, free flowing aftermarket exhaust.

    3. Rob B says:

      Free flowing exhaust.

      Banks turbo kit. Hey, you said easy, not cheap.

    4. boogie_4wheel says:

      Add an aftermarket turbo system, Banks or ATS.

      It will increase power AND efficiency. It allows the fuel to be burned more effectively because of the added oxygen, and you can turn up the pump to pump more fuel into the cylinders for even more power. It will really wake the motor up. No other modifications are required (no need to do pistons, cam or whatever).

      Your not going to get major results from running different fluids. Don’t touch the glow plugs unless they don’t work. If and when you do replace them just use AC Delco units, they the best IMO.

    5. David B says:

      You can gain a good bit of efficiency and a little more power by advancing the injection timing. The 6.2’s injection pump is ultimately chain driven. Over time the chain will stretch and retard the timing, costing you power and fuel efficiency.

      Advancing the timing will regain some of this, better yet installing a gear drive and a bit of advanced timing would be best.

      Here is a short article on the subject. ^(

      Look around this site, its got a lot of good info.

      Also consider joining the diesel page, a site with a forum dedicated to GM diesels. ^(