Getting All That Bad Old Gas Out Of Tank And Fuel Lines And Carb

1972 Chevelle 350. 47K miles on original motor. Anyway… my dad parked this car 17 (that’s SEVENTEEN) years ago and did not touch it since then. I know right about now, most of you would think this car is junk and not worth rebuilding; however, I could not disagree more! love American muscle cars and even though this car might take me a couple years to fully complete and a hell of a lot of money, I think it is completely worth it! I know that one day, this car will be complete and I will know what it would have been like to live in those awesome years of these cars! And to those that don’t agree, might as well hit the back button because I don’t want your advice. Thanks.

Anyway, so far, I have replaced: Distributor (HEI), Spark plugs, wires, battery, starter, cylinder heads, alternator, cables, belts, hoses, water pump, all fluids, and a couple other things to just get the car started (not to drive it yet – still got more things to do). Anyway, with that, my buddy and I started the
car and it turned over really well! It would only start with starting fluid spraying into the carb. If not, it gets really close to starting but won’t. So we figure it is old gas. my dad said that if there was any gas left in the tank, it was very little but he doesn’t remember fully. And the fuel pump is working because we disconnected a line from it and it was spraying everywhere. Also, all the gas is getting to the carb (clean lines). But it is not burning. So it’s just old gas that I need to drain and clean and then fill it up with new fresh gas. So, what all should I do? Gunna drain the gas out of tank as best as possible, check all lines, rebuild carb and then add fresh gas to it and hopefully it can go with that. Any advice you guys can give? Thanks
Lol, I know all this stuff about timing. I know exactly what you are talking about. I bumped the key while my buddy put his finger on the number one cylinder plug. It blew, we aligned it at TDC so its not 180 degrees off. Set the rotor toward the number one plug, put the distributor cap on, put on the spark plug wires in the order (18436572 clockwise), tightened the distributor down, and then did it. So the timing is correct. We even used a timing light and got a whole new vacuum set. The problem is in gas. But thanks for the answer. Just letting everybody know that we have checked the other common problems.

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