Fuel Pump Relay Location 94 S10

I have a 94 Chevy S-10, with a possible bad relay, but I can not find it. It is not in the fuse block and there is no access in the glove box. There are three relays under the hood and it is not one of them. I found the convienence center behind a panel in the dash with two relays and a flasher for the hazards, along with the chime. According to a locate on Autozones website one of these relays should be it but neither two match what the parts stores say the relays are. These two are small solid state relays, the one it calls for is large. It has a 4.3L auto engine code W.

When cold primarily it will continually start and die. It has a new distributor cap, rotor, plugs wires and fuel and air filter. I can apply voltage to the fuel pump wire test lead under hood and it activates. Ant help would be beneficial.

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