Ford Probe Won’t Start, Can’t Figure Out The Problem, What Do You Think It Is

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I recently put a 93 Ford Probe manual transmission engine into a 95 Ford Probe that had previously had an automatic transmission. Also I replaced the 95 computer with the 93 computer. Currently the car won’t start, it is not getting power to the ignition or the fuel system. What could the problem be? I’ve tried directly wiring the fuel pump relay to the ignition with no success. The fuel pump will work with a jumper across the high load relay terminals. The coil has primary voltage but there seems to be no spark going to the plug wires. Any helpful ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    1. David V says:

      It sounds like you have a bad ground!!
      there was probably some little ground strap/wire that was taken off when the tranny r&r is a ford,and it need a good ground to the engine,or,you will have problems.
      also,which computer did you change???
      with you doing “custom” changes to the car,you are probably going to have to get the wiring harness for a manual transmission probe,or,you will be sending the wrong information to the ECM,and,make it go CRAZY!!
      also,make sure you do not have any wires pinched between the transmission,and the motor block.[it happens,sometimes]

    2. Mike_is_the_stig says:

      Did you connect it properly?