Ford PAT System

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I have a 98 Ford Explorer and the Theft light has now started to blink quickly apon ignition. I only have one key to this vehicle and it will not start. It started fine always but drove to work and will not start no more.

I was wondering if any Techs are out there that would know what would probably fail most: key failure or Transceiver failure? I get a 1260 Code on my Snap on 2500 scanner.

If its the Transceiver do new ones need programing? I being led that they don’t for the Key is the communication device and Transceiver just the antenna device.

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    1. Tonynnc says:

      Check the key and make sure the chip has not fallen out of it. I have seen this happen before. At first look the key looks normal but the chip is in the end of the key, not in the metal part like a GM.

    2. Kayef57 says:

      Sometimes a wires breaks at the key cylinder. As long as the theft light blinks quickly it will never start.

    3. I Race Cars says:

      Correct the key is transponder is pats is reciever device it tells the car thats your key is for this vehicle you cannot get another key made unless its at a dealership who sells the transponder keys. yes new keys need to be programmed to the transponder .call serv dept at ford and tell them you need to know how to reprog new key its an easy task.

    4. Ryan E says:

      Pats system basics. The key is the transponder and the ring around the lock cylinder is the tranceiver. If you determine the tranceiver is bad(very unlikely) you do not have to program anything. If you determine the key is defective, then you will need to purchase two new keys and take it to a Ford dealership as you will not be able to reprogram them. Once you have two keys programmed you can add more of your own by cycling the two good ones then a new one(in your owners manual). But you will not be able to do anything until you get two keys programmed only by a Dealer. Possible reasons for this key not working anymore are it got dropped, was set on a code eraser on a checkout lane or another pats key for another vehicle on the same key chain or even transponders like Mobile Speed Pass can interfere. Good Luck!