Ford F150 Turns Over But Won’t Start

Occasionally will start with no problem. Has gotten to most of the time won’t start, starter turns engine engages, but won’t turn over. Might be ignition or fuel system problem. Runs fine when started. has a new battery, seems ok on electrical. Check engine light is on before trying to start, not sure if this is normal. I wonder if it is more likely any one of these parts: starter, solenoid, throttle sensor, injector, fuel pump, fuel filter…how to isolate this problem?
Update: it starts just fine in the afternoons, no hint of trouble at all. It will not start in the morning, period. Could this be temperature related? It’s about 70F in the morning here and 105F in the afternoons…
It’s a 1995 Ford F150 5.0L (302 cc) Fuel Injected
Check Engine light stays on in the morning when having the trouble, but not in the afternoon when truck starts on first try with no hint of problems.

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