Ford F150 Turns Over But Won’t Start

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Occasionally will start with no problem. Has gotten to most of the time won’t start, starter turns engine engages, but won’t turn over. Might be ignition or fuel system problem. Runs fine when started. has a new battery, seems ok on electrical. Check engine light is on before trying to start, not sure if this is normal. I wonder if it is more likely any one of these parts: starter, solenoid, throttle sensor, injector, fuel pump, fuel filter…how to isolate this problem?
Update: it starts just fine in the afternoons, no hint of trouble at all. It will not start in the morning, period. Could this be temperature related? It’s about 70F in the morning here and 105F in the afternoons…
It’s a 1995 Ford F150 5.0L (302 cc) Fuel Injected
Check Engine light stays on in the morning when having the trouble, but not in the afternoon when truck starts on first try with no hint of problems.

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    1. Ibelieveintheconstitution says:

      Starter turns? then it is not the starter most likely. You hear a click? or do you hear the chugga chugga of it trying to catch, but it never does? So you turn the key….and you hear chugga chugga….not the solenoid either, that only throws the little gear out to engage the flexplate/flywheel to turn the engine. Look more towards injectors, fuel pump….poss filter, but not likely. Do you smell gas? you sure it is injected…(older perhaps has a carb?)
      My memory fails me, but there is an ingnition ummm, box thingy metal and it bolts on someplace…with usually hard plastic that is soft enuf to poke your fingernail into….crap! it’s been years since I did cars and parts…ingnition module may be what it is called. That may be the problem. Talk to a mechanic, or ASE certified parts person. Good luck! I don’t think it is starter related.

    2. Alex's Girl (molly C) says:

      Idk have u checked the oil lately, otherwise pump the gas wen ur starting it, but dont do it too much otherwise u’ll flood it then u’d have to wait for it to get unflooded

    3. Slim Whitman says:

      I got watery gas one time and my f150 acted similarly.. Put a can of Heet in the tank and the problem went away.

    4. Mikey Bee says:

      Do your simple things first like take out the spark plugs and give them a good cleam with a wire brush sometimes they get gummed up and you cant get a good spark or get a good but cheap set of spark plug wires sometimes thatll do it to but it sounds like it could be a fuel issue as well id throw a new fuel pump on it f150s always had little problems like that but do stick to our smaller easier cheaper things first.

      good luck

    5. Gearbox1 says:

      Please tell what year and what motor when asking as I can have about 10 answers depending upon year and motor…

      check engine light on like that is normal… It’s a bulb check and is supposed to be there

      intermittant no start but turns over…
      that eliminates the starter and solenoid.. tp senors would cause that on older (pre 96) trucks occasionally… injector wouldn’t cause a no start without other symptoms like missing at other times….leaves the pump, the ignition, and the idle speed motor…

      Huh? when the truck don’t starts hold the throttle about part way and see if it starts and runs .. if yes.. need new motor if no look elsewhere

      Pre 97 trucks were known for igniton module and distributor problems as well as an occasional coil problem. Check for fire when you have a no-start

      For fuel pump, if no-start cycle the key on and off about 10 times and see if the truck starts.. could be fuel pump occasionally loosing prime

      scan test it.. pre 1996 look on the net on how to pull codes.. post 96 ..go to autozone for a free scan of the codes.. codes will give you a possible idea… but a o2 sensor and p0401 won’t make a intermittant no start

      hardly no info makes diag hard….

    6. Sam says:

      Crank sensor

    7. Kathy says:

      Could be the fuel pump sending unit could be going, could also be the temperature sensor/ oxygen sensor/ a bad spark plug could be missing and only catching sometimes i have had an exp. where it was the crank shaft sensor tooo.

    8. Walter G says:

      Have a mechanic pull the codes and go from there. This would be the most economical way to solve your problem.