Engine Shakes, Wont Start. What Is Wrong

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My friend’s car, I think that a 1995 Chrysler Town and Country went spalsh water and the engine began to tremble. From the look of the engine compartment, the dealer seems to be dry. I checked spark plug coils, and they are all dry. It is a strange part about the acceleration, if I try to rev up the engine to keep the engine seems more stable there is a delay. When I turn on the gas pedal, it takes 2 seconds to allow the engine to respond effectively. What could be possible problem with the car?

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    1. sidecar0 says:

      “Splash of Water=Deep Puddle?” Everything seems dry because it was hot and everything “Steamed” Dry! Take the Distributor Cap Off and check for moisture and Damage, Check Throttle Linkage & Throttle Position Sensor! Checked for a Cracked Trottle Body! AlsoLoose or Damaged Wiring!