Do The Radiator Cooling Fans Run Continuously When The Engine Is Running In A 97 Z28 Camaro

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I recently replaced the water pump on my sons 97 Chevy Z28 Camaro. After completing the job. The car still wanted to run hot. The cooling fans were not coming on. I checked all the connections. They still would not come on. I then replaced the three fan relays. Still no luck so I straight wired them so they would have power when the ignition was on. They run great and the engine is running at normal temperature. I just need to no if this will cause the fans to burn out prematurely or do they run all the time.

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    1. Mazda man says:

      They run only when they are needed. If you checked the fuse and the relay and are found them good, you should check the coolant temperature sensor. Some vehicles have two of these…one for the gage and the other one controls the cooling fan(s). If your car has only one, it will have three wires. If your car has two, they would have two wires each.
      Human heart works less than it rests that why we live “100 years” same with those fans, they work only when they are needed and they die sometimes sooner than we wish/like…running them at all time would make their lives shorter…don’t you think?

      Good luck.

    2. mister ss says:

      those fans should only come on when the temperature starts climbing to around 220 to 230 degrees to cool it off, they don’t run continuous or they will burn out prematurely.

    3. Robert says:

      no they shut off with the fan actuators which are electromagnetic solenoids. if its hot they turn on if it cool enough they shut down.