Distributor Position On A 350 Chevy V8

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I just replaced heads and gaskets on everything i have an idea but want to double check, on the distributor wich one is for the number 1 cylinder, is it after that plastic notch they have on the top of the distributor? i have the firing order and know how that goes im just not exactly sure wich peg to start from.
does anyone have a link or a picture. thanks

please no smart ansewers, or dumb answers like did you check your oil. lol thanks
and please dont tell me to get a book, thats why im asking on here so i dont have to get a book.
thank you

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    1. [email protected] says:

      Get a Chilitons or a Haynes.
      That will tell you.

    2. drwer2 says:

      remove the spark plug from No. 1 cylinder.
      “bump” crank the engine (or do it by hand) until the cylinder is at TDC. (its easier with all the plugs out) use a pencil or a flashlight to see when its at the top.

      the Distributor rotor should be pointing directly at No. 1 cylinder and to the wire on the cap that serves the no. 1 plug.


    3. henrysol says:

      here is a link with a picture its for a 94 so maybe it will help search firing order so you can find it

    4. BFH says:

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      The distributor turns clockwise and the firing order is: 18436572

      The cylinders are arranged in the block as follows with #1 being in the front on the driver side.


      The distributor should be arranged like this but if someone has pulled the distributor before it may be different.

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    5. wildthingmr64 says:

      left front cylinder is #1, put it on the compression stroke, turn it over easily, with the spark plug out put your finger in the spark plug hole and turn it over until you deel the compression coming out then watch for the timong mark on the balancer, move by hand until it is on to dead center. then to answer your question, #1 is just to the first pin in the dist cap just left of being straight forward in the car. also know when you put the dist in, back it up one exrta notch because when it goes down into the camshaft and then the oil pump it will be off some, so when you drop the dist in place turn it over one more time and check it to see that it exactly where you want it. good luck ps, the next time you do this set the dist rotor straight forward, dont turn the engine over and put it back in the same spot.

    6. logicalgal says:

      1. make sure your number 1 piston (which is the front one on the driver’s side), is in top, dead center position. Then drop your distributor in the hole, rotate it until the pointer on your rotor points to the back stud on your carburetor (right rear). Then put your cap on, tighten it down with the two screws and your number 1 in the cap should be prior to the point setting opening in your cap. Then the next one in a clockwise direction is 8-4-3-6-5-7-2….if your carb is set correctly then you shouldn’t need a timing light Then bring it up to approx. 1/3 throttle and rotate your cap back and forth until it runs most freely and smoothest without any laboring or pinging. Then shut your motor down, tighten the distributor, then refire the motor. If it tends to lock up, then you are just a hair too far advanced. Correct accordingly (retard it)