Distributor Installation On A 2001 4.3L S10.

I just replaced the Intake manifold gasket on the S10, I removed the distributor and marked the location of the rotor to the distributor as opposed to moving the engine to TDC. When I tried to put the distributor back in it would not drop in flush to the manifold, I tried pulling it out and reinstalling it but there seemed to only be 2 ways to get it to drop in Flush with the manifold.
My assumption is that this is correct and I either have it installed properly, or it is installed on the exhaust stroke. I turned the crank until the marks I made lined up again. My question is, is this going to be ok or have I done something bad by just cranking the engine around until the marks lined up?

I have yet to finish putting the truck back together to turn a key and see the result of my ways…

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