Distributor Installation On A 2001 4.3L S10.

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I just replaced the Intake manifold gasket on the S10, I removed the distributor and marked the location of the rotor to the distributor as opposed to moving the engine to TDC. When I tried to put the distributor back in it would not drop in flush to the manifold, I tried pulling it out and reinstalling it but there seemed to only be 2 ways to get it to drop in Flush with the manifold.
My assumption is that this is correct and I either have it installed properly, or it is installed on the exhaust stroke. I turned the crank until the marks I made lined up again. My question is, is this going to be ok or have I done something bad by just cranking the engine around until the marks lined up?

I have yet to finish putting the truck back together to turn a key and see the result of my ways…

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    1. i3akersk8er says:

      you should be ok. if it doesnt fire, turn it 180 and try again. if all else fails, go to #1 TDCC and start fresh.

    2. mikey says:

      The distributor turn the oil pump drive shaft. It has a straight slot in it. Pulling the distsributor out quite often disturbs the oil pump shaft and re-installing it does the same. This makes it a little hard to line up the slot with the key on the bottom of the distributor. Using a long, large screwdriver it is possible to reach down into the dirstributor well and turn the oil pump shaft. Look down in there and see where it is relative to the rotor. You will notice that when installing the distributor the rotor turns. It is necessary to turn the slot so that the drive key ends up aligned when the rotor finishes turning as the distributor goes all the way down. Relatively easy actually. The same applies now that you have turned the engine with the dist. out but you do have to get #1 up and firing first or rewire the cap one or the other.