Difference Between Blown Head Gasket And Intake Manifold Gasket Chevelle

Hey. There is coolant in oil, no oil in coolant. So as soon as I noticed, I stopped driving or starting it. Drained the oil (chocolate milkish), drained the coolant, replaced water pump and am ready to start looking what was causing it. The reason I am asking is because I really don’t wanna replace the head gaskets. It is all original (47K miles). Too start off, I make sure every cylinder is operating. Everyone has the pistons going up and down (blowing and sucking when finger is next to spark plug hole) and it is getting spark. I haven’t done a compression test on it yet. I will tomorrow as soon as I put new oil in there and have the bad one all out. The spark plugs are NOT wet and there is white smoking coming from valve covers (next to intake manifold). The heads aren’t cracked so I think it might just be my intake manifold gasket that is bad. It that is so, that would be great. So I don’t have to take off heads and all. What is the difference? Any help would be nice. Questions? Ask

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